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CostMine is dedicated to providing you with the cost data and advice you need to make informed mining decisions. Our research team draws on its extensive background in mine planning, cost estimating, and project evaluation to understand your cost data needs. We know the demands placed upon you when you are asked to prepare a cost estimate. Our publications and software are designed to help you meet those demands.

Also Available
2013 Mexican Mine Salaries, Wages, and Benefits Survey Results, and
2013 Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages, and Benefits Survey Results. Click here for more information >>

Mining Cost Service

Mining Cost Service is the industry's most comprehensive data source for mine cost estimating. Features sections on mine transportation, utilities, equipment, supplies, taxes, wages and benefits, smelting, mine development, cost models, cost indexes and more.

Mine & Mill Equipment Cost Guide

The 2013 Estimator's Guide to mine & mill equipment costs will assist you in determining hourly operating costs and purchase prices for all your mine and mill equipment needs from one complete reference.

2014 Coal Cost Guide

Do you need accurate and reliable cost data for project planning or estimating the cost of new coal mines and prep plants? If so, then our 2014 Coal Cost Guide will provide you with up-to-date information. Features include sections on surface, underground mine cost models, prep plant models, mine transportation, utilities, equipment, supplies, taxes, wages and benefits, mine development, historic coal prices, coal cost indexes and more.

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Visit the 2014 Coal Cost Guide for more details.

Equipment Cost Calculator

2013/2014 Database Now Available!

The Mine and Mill Equipment Cost Calculator provides on-line access to CostMine’s exhaustive compilation of capital and operating cost data for more than 3,000 equipment items commonly used for mining and milling purposes, such as trucks, shovels, loaders, hoists, and crushers.  Previously available in hardcopy only, this data, updated annually, has been relied upon for many years by the global mining industry to estimate costs for mining projects of all types, large and small.  Using the calculator, you will be able to point and click to build your own equipment fleet, tabulate its costs, adjust those costs for local economics and conditions, and carry the data into your own spreadsheet for further analysis.

The Mine and Mill Equipment Cost Calculator is also available in Portuguese here.

Labor Compensation Reports

Just Released - US Metal & Industrial Mineral Mine

Also Available - 2013 African Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits Survey Results.

2013 Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages, and Benefits Survey Results.

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Cost Estimating Software from Aventurine Engineering

APEX - Software For Mining Economic Analysis

APEX is the standard of the industry for economic evaluation of mining projects. Terms such as tons, grade, mining costs, dilution, and mill recovery are the working language for APEX. Present value, payback period, rate of return, breakeven values, and risk and sensitivity analyses are the results.

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SHERPA - Cost Estimating Software

The Sherpa line of cost estimating software is an engineering-based, menu-driven series of programs that use production and deposit data supplied by the user to calculate a multitude of engineering parameters, which are in turn used by the program to estimate equipment, labor, and supply costs. The user works through these parameters, changing them as necessary to tailor the estimate to conditions at a specific location. Quick estimates can be based upon minimal project information.

The Sherpa line of software includes:

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Cost Data Center (Free Data)

In our cost data center you will find valuable current data that you can use right now in your cost studies. These include a mining cost model, electric power costs, mining equipment costs, wages and benefits, cost indexes, plus smelting, and tax information.

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Learn how to Estimate Mining Costs on EduMine

A newly released on-line EduMine class, Estimating the Cost of Mining, by Otto Schumacher will show you the basic principles of cost estimating as applied to mining. A variety of cost estimating techniques are described, along with discussions of the strengths and weaknesses of each. Emphasis is on itemized estimating procedures showing you how to systematically determine the requirements and costs of equipment, personnel, and supply needs for a proposed mining operation. Reliable sources of cost data are identified and utilized in an example exercise.

Ask an Expert

Directory of experts available to answer your questions about the costs of mine equipment, supplies, and other cost centers - free of charge.

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