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Reclamation Cost Guide

Equipment List


The equipment section of the Reclamation Cost Guide provides estimators with a comprehensive list of the lease, capital, and hourly operating costs associated with obtaining and operating equipment typically used in reclamation operations. Unit capital costs found in this section are determined by annual surveys of equipment manufacturers and distributors as well as reclamation contractors. The basis for operating cost estimates are from the costs from fuel, energy, tire, and lubricant suppliers. Lease rates are based on a combination of machine purchase price and ownership cost.

Most capital costs provided represent list or budget prices for specific standard-equipped models. The models are identified by specifications only, without naming manufacturers. This approach prevents utilizing the service for promotional purposes and also avoids conflicts between buyers and sellers of items listed. Our purpose in publishing these values is to provide information for estimating only, not to establish market values for the items. Prices contained in this edition were collected from April 2014 through September 2014.

Lease rates and hourly operating costs are determined by established computational procedures suitable for preliminary engineering estimates. These procedures are described in the manual. Equipment operating costs can vary considerably between projects and should be adjusted for local conditions.

For the most part, the equipment used for limited duration, post-production reclamation work is leased on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Rates for each are included in this manual. In some cases, machines are purchased for the specific work. This manual lists purchase prices for these machines but does not include equipment capital recovery costs. If the duration of the project is sufficient to require machine replacement, the user must include this cost at an appropriate point on the project timeline.

Generally, the hourly operating cost values are applied directly to the estimated equipment use (hours). The costs cover expenses as repair and maintenance parts and labor; fuel, gasoline, or electricity consumption; lubricants; tires; and wear parts such as drill bits, filters, or bucket teeth. Individual cost categories are listed so that the total may be adjusted for conditions specific to the operation. The use requirements for which the hourly operating costs are applied must be determined by the evaluator.

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Reclamation Equipment:

  • Backhoes, Hydraulic
  • Clarification Systems
  • Compactors
  • Compactors, Self Propelled, Roller
  • Compactors, Self Propelled, Sheepsfoot
  • Compressors, Portable
  • Cranes, Hydraulic
  • Cyanide Analyzers
  • Draglines, Crawler
  • Drills, Percussion Crawler
  • Evaporators, Tailings Pond
  • Filters, Reverse Osmosis
  • Generator Sets
  • Graders (withRipper/Scarifier)
  • Impact Hammers, Mobile
  • Lift Trucks (Forklifts)
  • Lights, Portable Diesel
  • Loaders, Crawler
  • Loaders, Wheel
  • Mulchers/Chippers/Shredders
  • Pumps, Centrifugal Trash
  • Pumps, Submersible
  • Pumps, Water Well
  • Scrapers, Standard
  • Screens, Dewatering/Desliming
  • Scrubbers, Wet
  • Shovels, Hydraulic
  • Spill Berms
  • Stackers, Portable Conveyor
  • Tanks, Bladder
  • Tractors, Crawler (with Ripper)
  • Tractors, Wheel
  • Trucks, Bottom-Dump-Mechanical
  • Trucks, Flatbed
  • Trucks, 4 Wheel Drive
  • Trucks, Rear-Dump, Articulated
  • Trucks, Rear-Dump, Rigid Frame
  • Trucks, Rear-Dump Highway
  • Trucks, Service
  • Trucks, Water
  • Vacuum Tanks, Clean Up
  • Vehicle Washing Systems

Specifications and costs, provided for reclamation equipment:

  • Description
  • Weight
  • Motor
  • Horsepower
  • Capital cost
  • Lease rates
  • Total operating cost
  • Maintenance labor
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Natural gas
  • Electricity

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